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Patient Spotlight: "I would recommend Milwaukee Rehab to everyone and anyone!”

Here’s what Delaine had to say about Milwaukee Rehab Hospital, “Everyone is so compassionate, and you can tell they really care about you. John, my Physical Therapist, was very compassionate and knowledgeable, and he knew where I needed to be to go home and be safe, and he pushed me to get there. He showed me techniques to help me move better with less pain.  My nurses and aides made me feel like I was at a spa, and Mike and Shaya, my nurses, provided care and also connected with me through laughter and spiritually.  I love that the leadership here comes in and checks on you without you even asking.” 

Delaine sustained a nondisplaced fracture of the anterior tibial plateau with associated edema after a fall at work.  She worked hard on her rehab therapy and even requested to sing karaoke on her last day with us. Thank you for your kind words! We are honored to provide life-changing care. 

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